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“ Arsco is committed to protecting institutional patients from further injury, while protecting the HVAC units inside patient rooms and throughout the facility. ”



PTAC Covers / Tamper Proof Enclosures

PTAC “through-the-wall” climate control systems efficiently deliver zoned heating and cooling in offices and institutional settings. But PTAC covers become faded and damaged over time; many owners today also want a tamper proof, ligature-proof enclosure, for reasons that include liability, cost, safety –or all 3.

ARSCO manufactures high quality, tamper proof enclosures that fit all major brands. PTAC units generally use an electric resistance-type heater, and reverse cycle refrigeration to warm the air. During summertime, they cool by combining refrigeration and forced ventilation. ARSCO also manufactures PTAC covers for units with hydronic heating coils.

ARSCO PTAC covers are manufactured in the USA from 18 gauge steel or heavier, and are treated for long-term corrosion protection. Like ARSCO pipe and radiator enclosures, our PTAC covers have a long-lasting powder coated finish for maximum scratch and fade resistance.

Arsco offers 6 powder coated colors.

ARSCO tamper proof, ligature-proof enclosures for PTAC units (also PTHC units) are a leading choice in the hospitality industry, and for schools and day care facilities, apartments, health facilities, offices – virtually anywhere it’s important for heating and cooling units to be protected by a tamper proof enclosure.

PTAC units deliver years of service, but they often out-last their covers, which become broken, scratched, dented, and faded. An ARSCO tamper proof enclosure is a cost-effective way to restore the appearance of a PTAC unit that has years of service life left, but whose cover has become tired – or hazardous.

ARSCO tamper proof enclosures are a quick, inexpensive way to upgrade a property! We provide covers for:

  • “Through-the-wall” units
  • Packaged units
  • Window units for construction trailers or mobile homes
  • Downflow-ducted PTAC units
  • Split systems
  • Heat pumps

ARSCO is the contractor's choice for quality PTAC covers. We offer generous discounts for multiple units, even when sizes or designs are different. Covers can be supplied with standard or insulated galvanized steel wall sleeves and drip pans.

ARSCO also provides:

  • PTAC covers for flat and sloped (“curved”) surfaces
  • Punched louvers for maximum air flow and minimize pressure drop
  • Panels for easy air filter replacement
  • Access doors
  • PTAC-R
  • PTAC90FM

Other sites let you talk to “customer service” – Arsco puts you in touch with our Product Engineer for PTAC covers!

Projects are often complex, and there’s no better way to assure you get exactly what you need. Email us, for a response within 1 hour during business hours, and next day if after-hours.




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