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Pipe Covers / Sprinkler Pipe Covers

ARSCO pipe covers provide protection from direct contact with hot or cold piping systems, and assure compliance with laws regarding pipes in dormitories and other public spaces.

ARSCO pipe covers are custom-made to any length, height and depth, in wall-mounted, floor-mounted or overhead styles, square or 45 degree sloped profiles. Mounting brackets and hardware are included.

ARSCO pipe covers are manufactured from 22 gauge cold rolled steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Standard pipe covers and ceiling soffit covers are not insulated.

Arsco offers 6 powder coated colors.

Insulated pipe covers, available as an option, are a popular choice among architects and contractors for renovation projects.

ARSCO supplies heavy gauge pipe covers and ceiling soffit covers for use in prisons, mental health facilities and other institutional settings. We also manufacture sprinkler system pipe covers.

Installing Pipe Covers
Wall mounting: galvanized steel top clip over wall angles and 90° bottom angles are provided loose.

Floor mounting: offset floor angles are provided loose. Compatible with all construction materials. Tamper resistant hardware on special request.

Models of Pipe Covers
(Click on any image below to help you order)

Optional Features

  • Materials: stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum
  • Gauges: 16, 14 and heavier gauges; galvanized material.
  • Capped ends
  • Inside and outside corners - any angle
  • Sloped tops
  • Hinged access doors
  • Locking access doors
  • Removable panels
  • Extruded louvers
  • Insulation
  • Top and/or side wall angles
  • Tamper-resistant hardware
  • Custom colors

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