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Fin Tube Covers /
Baseboard Heater Covers

Custom fin tube covers and baseboard heater covers can be any length, height or depth; free standing or continuous runs.

We manufacture fin tube covers for older equipment, to match existing work and for new installations. Contact our engineering department for assistance in designing attractive, functional covers for your next project!

Easy Installation

Wall mounting: galvanized steel top clip over wall angles and 90° bottom angles are provided loose.

Floor mounting: offset floor angles are provided loose. Compatible with all construction materials. Tamper-resistant hardware on request.

Fin Tube Styles (click on images to enlarge)

Measuring Instructions

Arsco FT90FM Arsco FT90FM Side View


Arsco FT90WM Arsco FT90WM Side View


Arsco FT45FM Arsco FT45FM Side View


Arsco FT45WM Arsco FT45WM Side View


Arsco FT60FM Arsco FT60FM Side View


Arsco FT60WM Arsco FT60WM Side View


Arsco FT90HL Arsco FT90HL Side View


Arsco FT90WM-LBG Arsco FT90WM-LBG Side View



Baseboard Heater Covers

Union Baseboard Heater Cover
EF Model Baseboard Heater Cover


Fin Tube Cover Features

2" wide end trim fillers provided for wall-to-wall installation. Exposed ends are fully enclosed. Floor-mounted units have openings low in the front for make-up air.

Materials and Finishes

22 gauge cold rolled steel with a 20 guage top; lead-free, ultra-durable powder coat finish. Arsco offers 6 powder coated colors.

Screws are finished to match the cover.

Optional Features for Fin Tube Covers

  • Custom designs
  • Materials: stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum
  • Gauges: 16, 14 and heavier gauges
  • Capped ends
  • Inside and outside corners - any angle
  • Sloped tops
  • Hinged access doors
  • Locking access doors
  • Removable panels
  • Extruded louvers
  • Insulation
  • Top and / or side wall angles
  • Tamper-resistant hardware

ARSCO fin tube covers are ideal for new construction and remodeling projects: schools, offices, industrial, churches, hospitals, libraries. Read our Fin Tube FAQ page.

Want more information? Read "Thoughts to Consider When Buying."

Other sites let you talk to “customer service” – Arsco puts you in touch with our Product Engineer for fin tube covers / baseboard heater covers!

Projects are often complex, and there’s no better way to assure you get exactly what you need. Email us, for a response within 1 hour during business hours, and next day if after-hours.





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