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Radiator Covers FAQs

1: Isn't it more efficient to replace cast iron radiators with a modern heating system?
No! Cast iron radiator steam or hot water heat is the most efficient, quietest and most comfortable of heating systems. Converting to a "modern" method is expensive, will result in less comfort, and increase heating costs.
2:   Why aren't cast iron radiators in new buildings?
Manufacturing and installing a cast iron system today would cost substantially more and most building owners aren't willing to make the investment.

3:   Does a cast-iron radiator system have to be removed to add central air?
No - today's central air systems allow you to keep the efficient heating of existing iron radiators.

4:   Do radiator covers cause heat loss?
No. Radiator covers deliver more heat energy. All of the heat from the radiator remains in the room, and due to our design, heat is directed into the comfort zone, where it's needed. Heat is also not absorbed by outside walls or ceiling, where it's wasted.

5:   Do radiator covers require much space?
ARSCO radiator covers require about 1" for each side.

6:   Your radiator covers have a solid top panel. Why shouldn't the top be louvered?
Because heat would flow up the wall to the ceiling, rather than into the room, causing heating costs to rise.

7:   Why shouldn't we just paint the radiators?
Paint reduces heat efficiency. Metallic paints are the worst - efficiency losses range from 10% to 20%, depending on the paint and how it's applied.

8:   Why shouldn't radiator covers be made of wood?
Wood retains heat. It also splits and warps when exposed to heat. Wooden frames and supports also take up more space than our radiator covers. A better alternative is a high quality metal cover.




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