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Classroom Shelves / Classroom Cabinets

ARSCO is a leader in the design and fabrication of classroom shelves and classroom cabinets for pre-K, primary and secondary schools, colleges, and libraries. We have worked with district administrators, as well as their architects and contractors, to build high quality, economical classroom shelves and classroom cabinets, for more than 80 years.

ARSCO construction is institutional grade: safe, child-friendly, and resistant to wear, damage, and fading. Like all ARSCO products, our shelves and cabinets are designed for easy installation and maintenance.

  • ARSCO supplied products for a full renovation of heating and cooling systems.
  • ARSCO also supplied products for a school renovation that included sound abatement, energy efficiency improvement and classroom shelving units for 24 rooms. Read the details here.

ARSCO has the design resources to assist with school renovation and greenfield projects, and can deliver on a fast-track basis when required.

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